About Us

ENDURO FITNESS the holding company of CrossFit Radium and CrossFit Curium. This started with a passion for an adventures lifestyle, outdoor sports and having a Fitness that is inclusive. Fitness that you build and work at, that is ready for any challenge life can through at you. NO MATTER WHAT, YOU ARE READY!

The staff here at Enduro Fitness (Pty) Ltd is all committed to see that every individual reach their goals no matter where they are in the fitness journey. So you can bet your money we will be there every session to make sure you push yourself.

ENDURO FITNESS is a company committed toward fitness that benefits every single person, no matter what your fitness level or goal or desires are. From the pro-athlete, the office jockey, the house wife and even our grandparents.

This is where we apply the CrossFit regime:

“Constantly Varied, Functional Movement at High Intensity ” and scale the session toward your level of fitness.